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J-INSTITUTE Journals is

Employ and Operate Full-time Professional Editors, and Maintain a Complete Level of MS-WORD Editing. In addition, Despite the Limitations of Non-English-Speaking Countries, it Maintains Readability Comparable to that of English-Speaking Countries by Partnering with a Professional English Translation Company.


J-Institute aims to contribute to the globalization of local researchers by increasing international visibility into academic achievements of researchers from Northeast Asia.

Employ and operate full-time professional editors, and maintain a complete level of MS-WORD editing. In addition, despite the limitations of non-English-speaking countries, it maintains readability comparable to that of English-speaking countries by partnering with a professional English translation company.

Support researchers with the goal of contributing to humanity and society through academics.


본회는 동북아시아권 연구자의 학술적 성과에 대한 국제적 가시도를 높여 지역 연구자의 세계화에 기여함을 목적으로 하며,

전임 전문 편집자를 고용 및 운영하고 완전한 수준의 MS-WORD 편집을 유지합니다. 또한 비영어권 국가의 한계에도 불구하고 영어 전문 번역사와 제휴하여 영어권 수준의 가독성을 유지하고 있습니다.

학문을 통해 인류와 사회에 공헌을 목표로 연구자를 지원한다.